Sheriff Richard H. Berdnik

Passaic County Sheriff

Honors & Awards

11/20/03 - Meritorious Service Medal: Received as Detective Lieutenant for diligently observing an armed robbery in progress. He and his partner then disarmed and arrested the suspect who was wanted for two prior armed robberies. 

6/25/95 - Honorable Service Medal: Received as a patrol sergeant for making a motor vehicle stop that resulted in the arrest of several persons for possession of two loaded handguns along with a quantity of narcotics. 

10/23/91 - Life Saving Medal:  Received as a patrol sergeant for entering a burning apartment building on Center Street. With his courage and swift response, he removed an infant, elderly woman and pet from danger. 

6/22/89 - Excellent Police Duty Award:  Received as a patrol officer for diligence and keen observation that resulted in the arrest of a subject for burglary and drug paraphernalia. This arrest resulted in clearing several additional burglaries. 

12/7/86 - Honorable Service Medal:  Involved in the pursuit of an armed robbery suspect who rammed several police cars in an attempt to avoid capture. Officer Berdnik using his patrol vehicle forced the vehicle to stop and arrested the actor without regard for personal safety. 

5/1/84 - Exceptional Service Medal:  Received as a patrol officer for exercising extraordinary courage and restraint when confronted by an emotionally disturbed individual armed with two knives.